Front row seats

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(our week in pictures: Reese standing in the tub. Won’t sit for a second…My sis in laws bday and lots of snuggles and giggle-time)

Front row seats.

That’s what we got this Sunday as we tried to slip into church all nonchalantly. We were a bit late, as all parents with little ones are, right?!

It was our first time. We’ve been checking out churches in our new area for a while now. We entered the new (to us) building, sprinkle donuts in hand. A glasses-wearing gentlemen whispered “this way,” we followed him, giving him the authority over our unknown destination.

He guided us up to the VERY front aisle and pointed to the front row, right in the center. A little spot, room just enough for two,a tattered bench with light purple padding. We looked at one another and crouched down for our endeavor. (side note: why crouch when walking in front of others? If you are in the very front, everyone will see you. Even if you crawl) I glanced behind us at the back wall and felt like escaping there for the remainder of the service. At least I would be safe and unnoticed.

We arrived. My face felt hot, but we made it. Very front row, right in the center.

Service went on and I felt it.

One of those moments when you “connect the dots” and have one of those “ah-ha’s”

This is where we need to be. Front row. Front seat. Engaged. ALL IN. The most expensive and coveted seats at the Laker game are in the front, for a reason. The dedicated sit there. Usually the ones who are ALL IN. You can’t hide in the front. It’s an honest place.

This is our next chapter. I can just feel it coming. I must be fully engaged. Intentional. Present. It’s going to be hard work, and sacrifice, but it will be a great view. I want to be used, to get my hands dirty serving. To go beyond with my love.

It’s a busy season for us, we move in soon and start painting, floors, etc. I’m attending a new bible study, and loving it. Reese is going to walk any day now. Drew is studying to move up at work, and God is good. He always is.

Cheers to front-row seats. Where you can’t hide behind..anything or anyone. Let’s do this.




4 thoughts on “Front row seats

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh darn there’s no “like” button anymore! ; ) Needless to say, this was another great read! Gives me some things to think about and meditate on : )

  2. Lyndseu Coya says:

    Don’t know of you remember me, my husband and I worked with Bryan and Bekah at Richfield. Are you and Drew checking out EV Free Fullerton? Josh is on staff there, and I thought I saw you guys walking in this morning but didn’t realize it was you till you were already a ways past. Anyway. If it was our church you are talking about, welcome! I know it’s a huge church and can seem a little hard to see people you know, and that can make it feel like you aren’t noticed or cared for, so I wanted to make sure I said hi. Hope you guys are doing well, Reece is just beautiful and I love reading your blog. Maybe we will see you at church again soon!


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