No Whining.

It’s a sunny January 18th morning. I have an (almost) 10 month old who is healthy and beautiful. My husband loves me dearly. We just bought our first house. 

I have eternal life. 

How is it that I still find myself stressed…comparing…negative. 

It’s not right. Plain and simple. My joy is not based on circumstance. (Praise the Lord!)

Drew and I had a “stop whining” conversation last night. It’s so easy to find the negative. So, we decided to stop whining. 

I hear my sweet granny Lane’s voice..”No Whining, that’s the 11th commandment you know…”

So there you have it. Won’t be easy, but it’s the new us. 

In other news, Drew (my husband) and I have deleted our Facebook accounts. May not be forever, but we’re trying it. In order to be more present. Simplify. Rely on other methods of communication…like…in person! 

I was also inspired by Sarah Bessey, who gave up her phone. You can read her thoughts here. She’s so very lovely and inspiring. Not sure if I can do it right now, but someday. 

Enjoy the sunshine today, and remember…no whining. 



One thought on “No Whining.

  1. itBritt says:

    SOO true. I am healthy, just married, and just moved in with a husband who I’ve spent the last 8 months apart from into a gorgeous new house. Yet, the weather is enough to make me ungrateful some days.

    I may follow suit.

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