Jeniece on the throne-nope.

Pretty much got my socks rocked off yesterday.

No more socks for me. Good thing it’s seventy-two out. 

I woke up and thought how nice it would be to (gulp, don’t judge me) skip church. 

I wouldn’t have to rush Reese’s nap. (biggest issue…ever..girl likes to sleep, let me tell you!)

Drew was at work, so it was just me and the babe. Hm. 

By the will of God, (serious)..I found myself sitting in the back at the 9:30am service. 

And boy, I was supposed to be there. I needed to hear our pastor’s message. 

God spoke and I listened. It was one of those WOW, this is obviously for me..just what I needed to hear. It’s humbling, to be called out..simply uncomfortable at times..but SO essential to growth. 

It’s not about me. I must decrease. He must increase. I have 2 seconds of screen time, then I exit the stage. A mist, a vapor. God remains. It’s my life’s purpose to clap for Him. Honor Him. Be a part of His story. Be open to Him using me for His purpose. To be in awe of Him. 

He’s on the throne. Not me. Once this is understood and applied, we become dangerous. We become available for kingdom work.  

When I’m on the throne of my life, things get out of order. Out of control. 

Intentionally putting Him on the throne of my life today. 

Who is sitting on the throne of your life?







4 thoughts on “Jeniece on the throne-nope.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I just love to read your blogs. You are a shining example of what we all should inspire to be like. We also went to church yesterday. Chip and I just looked at each other throughout the service, God KNEW we needed to be there to free our souls. It gave us plenty to reflect on and has brought us closer in challenging times.
    Thank you…….

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