Dating Drew

This week was oozing adventure and celebration. 2 stepping with Drew. Enjoying a homemade chili bar to celebrate engagement of friends. Cozy socks in bed during the hail storm. Sipping margaritas at THE BEST restaurant in California… 🙂

I love spending ALONE time with my husband. Those of you who have kids know what I’m talking ’bout (can I get a whuut whhhhuuuut?!). This time is sacred. Gold. Nobody touch it or I’ll shoot. Spending time with Reese is wonderful, but before her, there was us. Our love, our adventure, our ideas, our romance. Just us two. It’s easy to get caught up in Reese’s milestones, her giggles, and her chunky baby legs…she is so stinking full of life.

There is a sign in her room that says, “All because two people fell in love..” I usually roll my eyes at cheesy quotes like this…but I often look at that sign and smile. I’m reminded, our love first, babies come second.

I reminisce my parent’s counsel before I took my new last name. Always date your spouse, they said. Well yeah, duh. We go out on a date every night pretty much, we’ll never stop dating! (said my dumb, baby-less, young, ingenious, money grows on trees, right?! self).

I feel fresh. Not because I slept 10 hours last night (clue: I have a baby) I’m energized by time out with my best friend. Where I actually washed my hair and took more than 2 seconds to do my makeup. (not sure if Drew recognized me at first…”wow, babe!” he said…N2Self: find time to apply mascara sometime this week).

Don’t worry, I’m back in stretchy pants with dirty hair now. (My hair exudes brilliance on day 2 of no washing. Then day 3 hits like a new President; takes over and starts changing shit around).

To my friends who are married without babies, 2 things. Go out, celebrate. Pour a glass of wine if possible. Get fancy. Celebrate. Laugh. Enjoy. DO this too…..offer to watch your friend’s kids so they can go out. They may just kiss your feet for years to come because of this.

To my friends with babies. Go out. I know it’s hard. But dating your spouse is SO, so, SO key and life-giving. For you, for your marriage, for your hubby. For your baby, for life. I’ll watch your kids. Serious. O, and try not to fight. : D

And that’s all I have to say.

Have a gorgeous Monday. Love you, my readers.

Also, enjoy a few pictures from my nephew’s birthday last week (photos by Haley Womack)


560084_10200698656573012_1153025251_n 522113_10200698716294505_2022012884_n 382333_10200698680453609_950114635_n 404486_10200698680893620_372208700_n 544635_10200698681333631_998409155_n-1

(I spy 2 little teethes)


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