Dear morning-after mom hair



Dear morning-after throwing a birthday party mom hair: why? just why?!

Dear husband: You get cooler every single day.

Dear hot showers: I never knew how much I loved you until now.

Dear Coffee Bean creme brûlée coffee: get in my belly.

Dear cupcakes from yesterday: Why did I eat two of you right before I went to sleep?!

Dear Dancing with the Stars: You are welcomed as my newest addiction. (started watching it for the Bachelor, now I’m watching it for Jacoby Jones.)

Dear neighbors across the street: You made my weekend. You brought my daughter balloons and me dinner. You don’t even know me, and I love you.

Dear church: Why must you be during my daughter’s nap-time.

Dear infant cry room at church: Can I still come and and hold babies in you, even though mine is in the nursery now?

Dear trash trucks and gardeners: Come knock on my door (softly) and make sure my baby is up before you begin your day.

Dear friends and fam who came yesterday: You put a smile in my heart. Big time.

Dear palm Sunday: can’t wait to wave those branches and celebrate our RISEN Savior.

Dear Q-tips: I’m obsessed with you. Get in my ears.