The next chapter. #thrilled

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Holy heavens, it’s been ages.

We have officially moved! We are all nice and grown up in our first real house! I’m expecting my first grey hair anytime now.

We are still journeying strong in repairs, buying furniture (looong way to go here), putting everything in it’s place, going through boxes, etc.

But we’re in and we’re in love. It’s truly blissful to have your own space for your family. No matter how big, how small, it’s ours and it’s just perfect.

Here is a life update, you need to catch up-lots has been up.

1. I’m completely obsessed with Oikos greek yo yo. It’s my new jam, I can’t stop. Orange creme and key lime are my favorite flavors. Throw in a few chocolate chips and lick the cup clean. If you try really hard, you can reach the last bit of yogurt that gets stuck in the creases in the bottom with your tongue.

2. Reese is talking. For real. Mostly in another language, but she has a few english words that she pronounces with perfect articulation, sass, and volume. Duck, door, dada, momma (finally), Baaba (bottle), cracker. Duck is her fave. She also said “gramma” last night. My mom pretty much flipped and literally said “I’ll buy you anything if you say that again…” literally.

3. Drew is working on moving up at work. I am so proud of his hard work, and he truly only studies at work…so we can just have fam time when he’s home. What a gem. A genius, a stud, and a gem.

4. I’m reading “Cold Tangerines” by Shauna Niequist for the second time and it’s rocking my life, again. Read, please?!

5. My sister is about to pop any day. I can hardly wait. I think I have an obsession with pregnant girls, babies, holding them…it’s bad. I’ve got it really bad. (don’t get any ideas, people).

6. Reese is turning one this month. Bleh. That was a year?! What a joy it’s been. I can hardly wait to see what this next year holds. What she’ll say, eat, do, etc. What an adventure.

7. Homemade bread. Don’t worry, I’m not getting all crazy domestic, but shoot…maybe I am. If domestic=eating warm homemade bread with butter and honey.

That’s all I got. 7 updates. I hope y’all are ready for more blogging, because I’m back at it. I trust all of you are well, if not-message me. I would love to listen and pray for you. Thanks for reading and go big today, even if it’s in a small way ; )



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