Everyday is Mother’s Day.

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Warning: This post is a ‘lil feminist. Girl power!

Okay, not exactly, but I have been stinkin in awe of women. Mothers, in particular.

You ladies, you mama’s, you’re awesome.

You give, and give, and when you feel like your done giving, you have to give the rest.

It’s hard. Really hard at times. No one is giving you a paycheck. You don’t get monthly reviews, raises, lunch breaks, time-off, its 24-7, paid vacation, promotions. Even when you are away from your kids, you really aren’t. Those little ones, they’re a part of you. It’s indescribable, the connection.

No one tells you how hard it is. Once you have your baby, it doesn’t matter how hard it is. They have your heart and the rest is history. Your life immediately revolves around a person with feet that fit in your hands. You hold their little ankles while you change their diaper, you smooch them, they make you smile, they make you laugh until you cry, they give you perspective, they show you what really matters, they love life.

My sister just gave birth to a sweet little boy, Milo. She was a rockstar, but holy heavens…it reminded me how strong women are. Giving birth is a feat. No matter if c-section, natural, whatever. It’s incredible, and you should be proud. SO, so proud that you did it.

You don’t have to prove it. You are doing great. Sometimes the only person who’s going to tell you that, is yourself. So go ahead.

Tell yourself, you are doing an incredible job. Only you can do your job. You deserve a raise. I know you are exhausted. I know, sometimes, you would rather be at the day spa. That’s normal. Let yourself feel that. Admit it, don’t shove it down. It doesen’t make you a bad mom if you need some YOU time. If you need a break. If you had a really, really hard day.

YOU are wonderful.

Don’t you ever forget it.

So that’s my rant. If you are a Momma, feel encouraged, you are freaking amazing.

If you aren’t, go encourage one. Tell her she’s amazing, just because she’s a mama.



4 thoughts on “Everyday is Mother’s Day.

  1. Viviana Walter says:

    Thank You. I’m even going to admit I cried when I read this. (It’s been a tough week) But then I smiled!! So THANK YOU. Really.

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