Grace and letting go.

This week has been the hardest week ever for our family. Losing a father, a spouse, a dad, a father-in-law, a friend.

He was too young, it was too fast. We have cried so many tears. It feels like there are none left.

I will be writing more about his life and this experience, but it is still too soon and too sensitive for me.

For now, I am reflecting on what I have learned this past week about life.

Two things, in particular ,have been coming up over and over again.

1. Give one another grace. Lots and lots of grace. (It won’t be easy)

I’ve heard this before. Grace! It’s a hip buzz word of sorts around churchy people. Grace is unmerited favor, kindness we don’t deserve. I know God has given me grace (over and over, every single second, thank you LORD!) but I never was keen on giving it out to people who don’t deserve it. I like when people say and do nice things. When all is good and everyone has a smile on their face. Let’s all go to disneyland, eat mint-chip and forget out problems! Sound good? 🙂

Giving others kindness they don’t deserve. Fudge. This is at the forefront today. Remembering that I have been given truckloads of grace, and it has changed my life and given my freedom and salvation. I don’t deserve it.

People who are mean deserve a middle finger and a smack in the face! No. They deserve grace. Unmerited favor. Wow. What a powerful way to live. So countercultural, but so right. So freeing. So hard…

2. To let go.

To let go of “the way things are supposed to be.” Like some of you, I like having a plan for the day, My aim is to keep it right on schedule. Even if that schedule includes relaxing in the backyard with Reese, I get a little bent out of shape when things go zonkers.

Let go.

When something crucial comes up, let go of schedules.

I love when Reese has a perfect, cozy nap in HER bed, right on SCHEDULE. Please and thank you. Sometimes this doesnt happen, and guess what…she will survive. SO will I, believe it or not.

Let go. Be flexible. Bend with needs, grow into situations. Let yourself go. Figure out what is most important, and do that. Even if it wasn’t in the schedule .

Those are my 2 little life tidbits I’m working on. I hope they encourage you, inspire you to live a little better. Baby steps. Choose to give grace, even when you feel like giving the middle finger. (I keep bringing this up because I TOTALLY flipped a man off in the Sprouts parking lot last week. He did it first, and deserved every bit of it, but shoot, no grace there…). Grace for us, grace for all. Let go. Give in to what God may be showing you, an open door, an opportunity, something important. When we hold too tightly to our schedule, sometimes we miss out on what we should be doing.

Deep breath. It’s been a long week. God is teaching me an abundance of things during this time. Thanks for meandering with me, your understanding love and sweet prayers mean everything to me.

XO  //  JH


5 thoughts on “Grace and letting go.

  1. neva_g says:

    So sorry to hear about your family’s loss. Glean everything you can from this time of grief. In my personal experience of losing my Dad too young and too quickly, God truly used it to bring my family and friends together. To bond in a way that hurt, but was what He used to draw me into Him and to open my heart to love others better. It made me begin to live putting people before things, people before activities, people before selfish desires. Lean into the boundless joy He provides, even through these seemingly impossible times. He does heal. He does grow us. He loves us and He is faithful. Just like He promises. Praying!

    • themorningmug says:

      Thanks so much for your kind/wise words and for understanding. Boundless joy, indeed. It’s hard to see the other side when all of this is so fresh, but He gives me glimpses every so often. Thanks for the prayers. XO

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m so grateful for your honest heart and newly learned insights. You and they are brave and true! I love you and hurt with you, Jeniece. I pray for God’s continual embrace around you, your family and all of your hearts. He “gets it” the most.

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