Never Hurry


I sat in the mundane room enclosed in mauve-painted walls and fake palm trees. Folgers was brewing.

I have spent an exceptional amount of time on “life-reflecting” this past week.

Today would be the same. I kicked my thrifted flip-flops to the floor, scooted my toes through the space on the chair in front of me. (My church etiquette is a bit casual, the beach is somewhere close..that’s my excuse).

I bit into my spinach-egg-mushroom-heaven-sent bake and began to chew.

Our speaker for the morning prayed and began to teach on John 16. The chapter when Jesus tells his disciples he will be leaving and giving them the Holy Spirit.

“You don’t need more of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit needs more of you” she said.

So what helps us be filled with Him?

The practice of celebration.

The practice of slowing.

The practice of servanthood.

These three points penetrated into the depths of my soul. Tingled down to my toes.

Celebrate. Make little things special. Be thankful. Appreciate what you have now.

Slow down. Ruthlessly eliminate hurry in your life.

Never hurry.

Never hurry….Never hurry?! What about when Reese is screaming and my  stress level is a 10 and I can’t even remember my first name? Or when I’m late? When I NEED to be somewhere blahblahblah…..

Never hurry. I’m writing this on a sign in my house and putting it by the front door. Heck, I may make a ton and plaster them by my bed, in the kitchen, in my car.

A friend told me he was never in a hurry to go anywhere. He went the speed limit in his car. What’s the point of rushing? I always remembere how peaceful that sounded to me. It has always stuck.

It makes sense. Slow down. Take a nice, slow deep breath, leave room for the Holy Spirit to show you opportunity, blessings and who knows what else.

Your friend CAN and WILL wait 5 more minutes. Get up a few minutes earlier so you don’t have to run 4 red lights to slide into work on time. Never hurry. The Holy Spirit will speak or move you when you leave room for him to. When you say “okay” to His way.

I know you have things that MUST be done, so does everyone. Try to slow down during one of those tasks today. See how it feels. Baby steps.

Never hurry,  leave room. What does it mean to you? Try it with me and let me know how it goes.


(Image from The Examiner


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