In my pajamas.


Parents and I


It’s been in the past few years that I have noticed (or my husband has pointed out) little and big things I do that are a mirror image of….my mom. 

Phyllis. You can find her in her backyard studying birds, creating a new soup recipe, chasing one of her grandkids in the front yard, walking to the beach with my dad and the pup, trying a new lunch spot with one of her kids, speaking at marriage conferences, counseling women.

She effortlessly pens beautiful calligraphy, whips up a killer Thanksgiving table and meal, celebrates birthdays like it’s her j-o-b.

She has mastered the art of listening.

She loves selflessly.

She vacations with my dad and they have a BLAST. They really know how to have fun.

She accepts you JUST as you are and tells you so.

She has time, no matter how busy she is.

If she’s with you, she’s 100% with you.

She’s silly and has been known to laugh at slightly inappropriate things.

She dances. She sings. She’s independent. She appreciates flowers.

She sprints from ride to ride at 6 flags.

She showed my scripture and told me loving God and loving others is the only way to live.

My mother never pretended to be perfect. She embraced her flaws and worked on them. I watched her. She spoke wisdom and truth. She told me when she was having a bad day. I listened to her. She cried in front of me, she was weak at times. She let me into her heart. She gave me room to grow. She let me be a kid. She told me I could tell her anything, and she was right. I could, and I did. I still do.

Growing up, she did things that would get under my skin. She was stubborn about things I didn’t get. She often sat on the porch, or walked around the neighborhood in her PJ’s. She did laundry in the front entry. She will only go to one lady to get her nails done. She doesn’t like coffee..I mean, come on. grr.

8am Tuesday morning, I found myself in my neighbors house..checking out her new bathrooms; I held Reese in her jammies as we drooled over subway tile. I chatted with Martin, our gardener…said hello to another neighbor as she walked her 2 labradors. I walked back in, leaving the front door open behind me and Reese took a plop on the front step. I was in my jammies..bed head, plaid pants, the whole 9 yards.

I laughed.

Us momma’s influence runs deep . As I think about all I have gleaned from my mother, good and weird…I am reminded how crucial my role is in the life of my little girl. I have A LOT to learn, but I’m thankful this moment on what I have learned from my mother; as the years go by and I become even more like her, I’ll be quite alright with that 🙂




One thought on “In my pajamas.

  1. mylivoniaranchhome says:

    Your Mom sounds like a wonderful and fun lady to emulate! This was wonderful to read, it made me smile!

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