In search of the lasting.

What’s that one thing you turn to when you need a hit, a quick fix, a high, to be filled up, put back together again. What is it for you?

The quick fix. It feels REALLY (kinda, sorta, not exactly, but we still do it) “good” for a moment.

For me, it’s shopping. When the day got the best of me, or I just feel lifeless, uninspired..I shop. A new dress, to-die-for shoes, a smashing lip color. I run to these things. I run fast, and I fall even faster. Sure, it’s not in the budget, but I’ll convince myself I need it or deserve it.

This “high” lasts for about a day, usually less.

I have known this for some time now, but have practiced acknowledging it and not running to it for just a few months now.

When I feel like my world is ripping at the seams, It feels right to have something new and beautiful that I can feel in my hands.

Be still, my soul. Wait patiently.

This will not satisfy. It won’t last.

A quick fix. It has no lasting value. No substance. It won’t really change or help anything at all.


Finding strength and peace in substance. In deeper things. People. Love. Faith. Patience. Peace. Giving.

Everyone’s “quick fix” is different. Some of you may shop like I do. Some of you may run to dessert, french fries, lust, anger, apathy, over-exercising, dieting, fame. It feels good few minutes, a few days. Eventually, you will have to go back for another hit. The cycle continues.

Speak your quick fix, say it out-loud. Give light to it. Confess it. What do you run to? Sit there and speak truth into that. Do you need help with it? Accountability? Counseling? Write goals. Write your fears. Write what matters.

It’s not an overnight fix (nothing good is), but there is something deeper on the other side. I promise. Something lasting.


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