It’s gonna take a little rain



It’s gonna take a little rain

to let the grass beneath us grow

It’s gonna take a little rain

‘fore the flowers start show

sure we’d all want it our way

but there’s some things we don’t know

just trust that on the way to beautiful

It’s gonna take a little rain

(Lyrics from artist: Andrew Duhon cd: The Moorings track: “It’s gonna take a little rain”


There has been rain. Some rain that is to heavy to speak of here. Dark storms come. Powerful conditions destroy, move things around, wipe-out entire cities. Some rain has sprinkled through and through for just moments at a time, challenging us in the small things.

Life has been this way. Heavy rain with the sunniest of all days right smack in the middle. During one of our famous coffee morning chats, Drew and I made a list.

One column was rain. Stress, hardship, thieves of joy. We penciled it up with things, relationships, situations. In the space to the right, we wrote a sunshine column. The life-giving, joy-filled things.

He read his to me. We addressed each one. We wen’t through and decided to do something proactive about most of them. We let a few sit. We weren’t ready to find a solution. We wrote goals, steps to take. Things to pray about.

Drew’s joy list was topped by surfing. We scheduled him a surf day once a week. Put it on the calendar at that very moment.

There will be rain.. money back guarantee. It does not come without the sun before it or after it. Sometimes the sun even breaks through in the midst.

As we wrote on paper, we became familiar with our life. Our joys, our trials. They were all right in front of us. Nothing left unspoken or unwritten. Everything felt clear.We felt aware that our life was truly FULL of sunshine. We didn’t figure out all of our problems..but we gave light to them. We talked about them and felt them. I have a feeling this will be the first of many coffee chats where we get a paper out and write our two columns.

Enjoy the sunshine today, even if it’s just peeking through the clouds.



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