The blessings, big and little.

This week has been full of life. People we love in our home and beginning the day with a thankful heart. As soon as we wake up, Drew and I have been discussing three things we’re thankful for. It really sets the pace for healthy gratitude and noticing the blessings.

-Last Saturday, friends and family joined together at our place for pancakes, coffee and great conversation. Here is a shot of my sweet hubby sippin a cup of joe. IMG_0091

-Iced sangria and cheesy steak quesadilla’s with two very special momma friends in downtown Brea. We wen’t to Cha-chas (a GREAT happy hour) and chatted until the moon set into place (late for me is 10pm!…nerd alert!)

-Drew came home with this new ride for Reese. One of his buddies at work gave it to us and Reese is VERY thankful. Hand me downs really are the bee’s knees.

-Watching Bachelorette Monday night with Drew’s side of the family. My momma even joined. Poor Des has some serious slim pickins this season, bless her heart.

-Reese has been into good ‘ol Sesame Street lately. This is more than fine with me, because she likes to watch it from my lap. I could die happy. (pardon my overly emotional face…I’m a total sap these days)

pic for blog

I hope this week was full of joy as you noticed the blessings, big and small.

If you have time this weekend, check out this book by one of my favorite bloggers. The download is free and absolutely life changing. You can find it here.
Love to all,



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