loving well


So this is happening. Will post pictures soon!



What are you learning? How’s life? When asked, I reeallllly want to have something impressively profound going on. To really knock your socks off with my always cool life.

“Funny that you ask, I’m actually learning to play the cello, planning a year long backpacking trip through South America, and learning to speak Korean, what about you?”

No. Nope. Not me. Not know at least. Right here and now I’m learning something extremely elementary, and not for the first time. For the one-hundredth time. Go me! Loving people for who they are. Right now. As is. Nothing more, nothing less. weekend I attended Jen Hatmaker’s conference at Rock Harbor Church. She spoke much of this concept.

“People know when they are dear to you” she said.

Yes, yes they do.

When you would rather be with someone else, its obvious. When you have time for them or if you don’t. If you truly accept them as they are. They know if you are really listening, or if you multitasking. They know. You know.

This is not a pressure thing. You probably don’t have MUCH work to do, but my bet is we have a bit we can improve on.

Loving people without agenda. Loving them for who they are, not for what they can give you.

Loving your spouse for who he or she is right now, not for what he could be or should be.

Loving your friend for who they are. Not for how much support she has given you in the past. Or what you wan’t from him.

A look that person in the eye-I love you for your soul-I see the best in you-kind of love.

Who makes you feel and know that you are deeply loved?

My guess is you feel accepted by them. That you don’t have to impress them. You can be honest. You can show your not so put together self to them. They look you in the eye. They listen. They show up. They let you BE YOU. They know your shortcomings and love you anyway. They have been there in the hard times, not just the good.

Be that for others. Let them know they are dear to you. Love them. LOVE them.



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