A pup and blackberry picking


I feel like I have another kid. We adopted a spunky and extremely stubborn blue and white Pit-bull from the
pound a few weeks ago. It’s pretty insane that you can literally show up, sign a few papers, hand over a
couple of bucks, and bam. You have a new family member. She is the reason I haven’t been blogging, lol..that’s not a joke.

When I have a free sec, I am petting her, playing catch, running her around..she is non-stop energy.

So there is my excuse, and the only way my fingers could find the keyboard this morning is because my babe, Drew, has been home for a few days. Those of you with more than one kid…you, my friends, are super-people. You deserve a cape and a long nap.

One of the advantages of having Harley, is we get outside as a family WAY more than we did before. Harley needs it and we found out we did too 🙂 There are some gorgeous places to hike around our house, so we are taking advantage! Fam hikes at dusk make for great conversations…giggles..Reese chasing Drew with long, sharp sticks…picking wild blackberries….July has been good to us. These outdoor adventure remind me so much of growing up in Washington, where we had blackberries growing in out backyard, and the air was always fresh and you could smell the tree bark. I hope the same for you, my sweet readers. That this month has been full of something good.



4 thoughts on “A pup and blackberry picking

  1. Marcela says:

    Beautiful pictures of your family. Yes, your new addition to your family, the beautiful pit bull, will keep you very, very active. My Alex, an 11 year old pit bull mix, still needs 2 walks a day, each of 30 mins. When she was younger I had to get on my bike twice or three times a week so she could run because she had so much energy and my legs were killing me walking her so much:)

    • themorningmug says:

      Haha yeah…we’ve been using the bike when we don’t want it to take forever..haha. That’s crazy that Alex still has that much energy! I think Harley will be the same! Thanks for reading, xo.

      • Marcela says:

        Great. They do have more energy than us, don’t you think? Yes, my girl just turned 11 this past May, but she still needs her walks, but I don’t make her run anymore. Yes, I think your Harley will be the like Alex, very active:)

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