When Marriage Begins

Monday thoughts. Be myself. Take deep breaths. Be a fan of others. Discover new music and enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to things everyone else is doing and “yes” to things no one is doing. Let creativity spill out into everything: chores, wardrobe, reading, cooking, setting the table. Stop and think. 

Don’t buy it just because you want it. Buy something for someone else instead, it will be more gratifying. Be a great neighbor. 

Do marriage well. 

I did my first wedding with my new company this weekend (yay!). It all went smoothly (as far as the bride knew…) I call that a success! 

I got into a conversation with one of the DJ’s as the party came to an end. We discussed  how cut-throat wedding vendors can be. It really is a rat-race and stepping on people is quite acceptable…as long as you get the tip you want, a good lead, etc. I told him how much I love my job, but that wedding’s are not THAT big of a deal (something every good wedding planner says-NOT!).

It’s about the marriage. It’s not even about the “love.” The love-gushy-mushy-stay up all night talking about nothing/making out nights; yeah, those. They will be over soon. I fully enjoyed these times, and you should to. 

After the vintage-porcelian dinner plates are sent back and the peonies have wilted, marriage begins. 

The no matter what I feel like commitment begins. 

The whoa..I didn’t know that about you conversations will present themselves

The I don’t agree with that and I’m too tired and I don’t want to do that situations will arise.

The nights will come where you just want to do your own thing. 

Hard work. I truly believe nothing good comes easy. Grass does not grow overnight. It must be watered, fed, taken care of. Diligence to maintenance will (most often) produce strength. You will be dancing on the grass before you know it. 

Marriage is nothing like a wedding. 

It’s (usually) not glamorous. Makeup is NOT professionally done (if done at all). 

Peach mimosas are not served on silver platters promptly at 10am. Although, how fabulous would that be…maybe I’m on to something!

Hard work, long nights, hard conversations.

I believe marriage is even better than a wedding. 

It’s crying together over a lost loved one. Rubbing his back until he falls asleep. 

It’s going through really hard times and having him right by your side, through it all. 

It’s feeling ugly and him leaving you a note about why you are the most beautiful person he knows (and he FULLY knows you). 

It’s I’m sorry

It’s understanding and dreaming. 

It’s the look you share when you meet your baby girl for the first time. 

It’s the laughter about something no one else knows about. 

It’s sacrifice.


It’s staying in jammies, drinking coffee, and watching cartoons with your kids.

It’s making dinner together. 

It’s talking about life over a glass of Pinot Noir with someone who has committed to do life next to you, forever. 

It grows. It’s hard. It’s easy. It’s like no other kind of love. 


Wedding’s are the absolute greatest, that’s why I work in the industry. I love them. The uniqueness of the day, the first dance as a married couple, the friends and family who gather to celebrate. It will be one of the best days of your life, no doubt. 

But, it gets even better after the wedding. Trust me.