If You Know, You Know// A Letter to Momma’s.

I’ve never had a job where emotions are so intertwined in my work.
Where most moments are unpredictable and the best ones make it all okay.
The long days-always giving-full of life-journey of being a mother.
Nothing so complex. Nothing as important.

Millions of giggles-bath-time so I can take a break-healing with band-aids-teaching-feeding days.
Too tired-exploring-crying-exhausted-savoring the still moment of coffee mornings.
Inspired-full of blessing-sick of laundry making never-ending piles on my couch nights.
Her little hands in mine-my other hand-fingers locked-little compared to his-family beach days.
Lost-broken-alone-searching for strength-feeling on an island-I can’t do this-mornings.
Barefoot-content-simple-joy-naps for all-sunshiney afternoons.
Wine-Brushetta-loving eyes-understanding-after she’s asleep-dinners with Him.

And this was all in one day.
If you know, you know.

My hat is off to you, my fellow momma’s and dad’s.
May you find yourself present in the first’s.
Strong when you need it and broken when it’s felt.
May YOU have a shoulder to fall asleep on while someone is falling asleep on yours.
Hold your head up.
Enjoy this.
The smiles, the adventures.
It’s all worth it, and will be over before you can imagine.

Orange Julius Reese

My favorite’s this week:

A blog about what really matters here.

This Sea Salt Coffee from 85C Bakery in Irvine.
Holy heavens. Thanks Tiff for showing me this!
sea salt cofffee

The OC fair. There is a spray fountain playground for kiddos right in the middle of all the food. Who knew? Occupied Reese for 45 minutes, no joke.

Have a brilliant Friday.


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