26 things I’ve learned from being 26





26 things I’ve learned from being 26. 

1. Talk positive to yourself, be kind and believe you can do it. 

2. Don’t eat too much dessert. Just a little will truly satisfy. 

3. Be someone you would want to be friends with. 

4. It’s going to be okay. 

5. Don’t fill up your schedule just to be busy. Some of the best things happen when nothing is planned. 

6. Visit friends when they are going through something hard or fabulous. Be supportive. Celebrate and cry together. 

7. Pick up the phone. Even though you hate talking on the phone, sometimes a 5 minute phone call from a best friend is just what you need-you just don’t know it. 

8. Slow down. Take a nap. The rest of the world will still be there when you wake up. 

9. Take time to make things special. Birthdays, holidays, dinner parties. Create a space that is welcoming and celebratory. 

10. Working out and cleaning are the best ways to de-stress. Choose one of these. 

11. Take a break, every so often. From social media, television, schedule, rules, life. 

12. Get outside a few times every day. Even if it’s just to walk the dog. It will do something for your soul. 

13. Let yourself feel, exactly how you feel. Sometimes you need to share it with someone and other times keep it to yourself. Trust your instincts. 

14. Choose healthy options, most of the time. 

15. Read (good) books from start to finish, enjoy each turn of the page. 

16. Speak well of others, always. Imagine them next to you in the conversation. 

17. Find the blessing. Choose joy. There is ALWAYS something to get you down, fight to find the good. 

18. Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t take life too seriously. Be silly. 

19. Pray. Read the bible. Spend time with the Lord, He knows you better than anyone. 

20. Sometimes donuts make everything okay and that’s okay. 

21. Believe in yourself. 

22. Listen more. Talk less. 

23. Think before you commit, let your yes be yes. 

24. Learn from others. Be a good student. 

25. Keep the small things small. 

26. Baby steps. Set goals, achieve them and be present. Life is about little successes, everyday choices, and your attitude along the way. 

I really do love lists. What are some of the things you have learned along the way? There is so much wisdom in experience. 

I have learned some of these the hard way, no doubt. That’s kinda my style 😉 

It feels good to have them down in words so I can reflect and add to the list in years to come. 

Happy Monday, lovely people. 



5 thoughts on “26 things I’ve learned from being 26

  1. Viviana says:

    Truly love this. I have a few of these written on a list (somewhere) as well. I have really enjoyed your blog posts lately!! You are in my top 5!! ; )

  2. J Fernandez says:

    Love this list! But, you should’ve kept #19 out of the article. I became annoyed when I read it even though I’m catholic. Keep your writing completely open as to not deter any readers.

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