I’m a cheap date

Some quick girl talk:

Juan Pablo. He seemed so shocked that he got chosen to be the next Bachelor…Even though every girl in America was crossing their fingers for him to be (…or Drew!). I think he is stinkin precious and I love that he was a Professional Soccer Player and is a dad-yes puhleez!

Also. If you have a temporary crown in while watching the Bachelorette finale with friends and family..don’t eat the chocolate covered gummy oranges. No matter how yummy they look. They will yank that crown right out and you will have a tooth in your candy! Yum! 

Today I share with you a little taste of Harley, the super-dog.  

She pops bubbles like it’s going out of style, people. Check her out! Free entertainment over at our place. Literally. I did this for an hour the first time I found out and couldn’t stop crying/laughing at her intensity. Cheap date anyone? (don’t judge our dead grass! I have a million excuses, just ask if you need one!)

I think she looks like an alligator. Image

Classic, ya? 


Enjoy this sunny Tuesday. Do something whimsy for yourself. 




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