Jellybean Tears

My temporary crown fell out last week. My dentist is out of town and I’ve been chewing on the left side of my mouth for as long as I can remember. 

Yet I’ve never felt more beautiful. 

I’m alone a lot. Drew works quite a bit and very often, Reese is my lil life buddy. 

I’ve never been more in love with Drew. Watching him diligently give everything at this job, texting me through the day just to tell me he’s my biggest fan. Leaving me notes around the house reminding me of our first love. Making special time for us when he’s off, just to show me I am adored. 

My best friends who have been there through it all are moving states away. We said goodbye and I cried endlessly. We have never been closer and new friends have stepped in, showering me with love, acceptance, and understanding. 

The days are long, but they end in snuggles and reading books in jammies, under the covers, sometimes while eating jelly beans. 

We are missing a very special person these days. He used to crawl on the ground with Reese, chasing her around each couch when she could only crawl. Papa. His smile is missed. We remember our grill-master. We have bittersweet tears because we are making memories without him, but we smile because we will see him again one day .

Growing up. I am thankful for my age and for my life. It’s been a rough year, a rough few years. But I am happy. Full of joy that I have one more day to spend with my best friend, I have this day to show Reese she is loved just as she is. I am complete. 

There is so much good. There are so many tears. The ocean roars and the sun sinks in glory. Family comes together and there is love. 

I fully believe this contentment comes from the Lord, and I am thankful. 

That He says I’m good. 

That He took time to create me and cares about every tear. Immensely. 

For this, I am thankful. 



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