favorite 8

I’m a certified morning person.
Watching the sun appear energizes me.
Let’s talk politics and fashion before breakfast, yes?

Today, you get to choose.
So many choices, actually.
How you treat your barista (even if your barista is your hubby, or yourself)
If you will carry a smile with you.
Finding the good or finding the bad.
Seek out the adventure. Smell the flowers. Appreciate.
How will you handle conflict?
Believe in yourself.
Be kind.

The morning inspires me; after 9pm, though, my mind and energy become mushy oatmeal. So hats off to you who can pull all-nighters without blinking!

Here are my top 8 favorite treats of the week, since life is full of them.

1. These animal paper clips. Regular paper clips= for the birds.

2. I have been searching for some new bedding and have completely fallen in love with this whimsy, but masculine enough – perfect bed topping.

3. – A fun tumblr with DIY goodies. I want to make the mobile for Reese’s room!

4. Coffee Mate thin mint creamer. I do healthy, most of the time…but this creamer…just try it.

5. Met these DJ’s at a wedding a few weekends ago. Their love for music and fresh style is inspiring.

6. Sea World. They have an ENTIRE toddler section right in the middle of the park. Fountains, Elmo, kiddie rides, slides, you name it. I had no idea this existed! Made for a perfect day out with the family on Tuesday.

7. Talenti gelato pops. All day, errry day.

8. I just came across her blog a few days ago and am addicted to her style. It’s unique and funky..and her hair?!?! swoon!

I wish you a Monday full of adventure and love.

sea world




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