Waiting For The Train

My baby turns 1 1/2 on Wednesday and I can just hardly wrap my head around that. She has taught me much. 

Stop and enjoy. Trains; most of the time, they are an inconvenience. Unless you are on one, heading to San Francisco. Trains are usually in the way. In the way of a drive-thru need it NOW morning latte or making us late to meet a client. Those red lights flash and the striped wings come down telling you to stop and wait. 

Reese loves trains. There is a track right by our house, so we sit behind the tracks a few times a week. She kicks her feet, points, and exclaims, “train!!!!”  I look to my left and right and people are angry. They curse the sky.

My heart smiles as my mind slows down. We Enjoy. I role down the window’s and breathe deep. As it gets closer, you can hear the train and the noise enters our car. Reese is thrilled at the pace it speeds by us. “Wow!!!” she says. 

Life is not meant to be lived in fast forward. The most rich times come when you allow them space. Time for people you love, time for painting and breathing in the high eucalyptus trees. Time waiting for trains. 

I learn from the innocence of children. Reese doesn’t care what kind of car I drive, if I put mascara on, or if am making a certain amount of money. The humility and the acceptance; I long for it. 

Laugh often and dance whenever you can. It’s freeing. Life is too short to miss an opportunity to have a dance party in the kitchen with your family. Laugh at yourself, laugh at the future. Laughter heals and it sure does help perspective. Watch Disney movies. Bake cookies and dip them in milk. Snuggle on the couch with cozy socks covering your toes. 

Being a mother for a year and a half has molded me into a more secure person than I could have ever imagined. I have a smile on my face when I go to sleep because I know I have loved well…there is no satisfaction that is as great as loving and taking care of a little punkin. It’s hard work, but it is meaningful work. 

She is my gift, and I am so thankful I have been given a year and a half to grow, learn, snuggle, tickle, teach, discipline, feed, bathe, cry about, run after, push, hold, lose sleep over, swaddle, sing to, and adore my little girl. 

Have a laughter-filled weekend. 






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