Failing sucks





// Christmas with the Harris side. I completely forgot to take ANY pictures with my side..woops!

Things that challenge me, scare the pee out of me. I like to make goals that I know I can accomplish. I put my tail between my legs and blindly sprint away the moment I sense failure in the cards.Order up for avoiding being uncomfortable and growing pains please?! Yeah, that’s my order = scaredy chicken pants.

I sat down to write goals for the next year. I began to jot down things I KNOW I can attain or have attained previously. I glance at my list..this should be easy. Sweet. Done. Love it.

I threw away that piece of paper. (Yes, I make my lists on real paper with a real pen).

What about goals and dreams that scare me? Those things I want to try that that cause my palms to sweat because..


Failing, I know it’s not a bad thing. I know I know I know. Do I really believe that? Am I okay with failing?

Here it is, the year of being okay with the possibility of failing. Why? Because I will grow, no doubt about it.
I know very wise people who have failed in pretty big ways. Guess what? They get back up and try again; I guarantee, they stand a little bit taller because of their experience.

I have had many failures, absolutely; but I protect myself from them. So here we go, arms open wide, vulnerable, embracing the possibility of failure and saying yes to adventure, setting goals high, and taking risks.

Eeeek. I’m scared and peed just a little… ; )

I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did.

Be blessed,



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