Interrupted Life

My standard mug of heaven coffee has taken a leave of absence.

I feel silly guilty pecking at keys for The Morning Mug lacking my piping cup of love to my right. For my fellow momma’s who have been through pregnancy, you may know to what I’m alluding.
Wine, coffee, sushi, sleep, get in the backseat, favorites…time for the bump to take the reigns until September.

I have a degree in pleasing myself. Waking up and doing what I want to do and not exactly noticing if anything else is going on. This state of mind has been slowly and painfully stripped the past 3 years. Marriage and babies can do that to you, with your permission or not.

Interruptions. Putting the to-do’s aside. Opportunity waits just around the corner.

A friend who needs to talk or would smile because of fresh daisies. A brother who asks to move in to the spare room. A dog who needs a run and a daughter who needs a good after-hours snuggle. A man who needs encouragement. Realizing I just need to let go and dance to the music. Seeing past what people show you or want you to see; have eyes for depth.

The to-do lists can run life. I cross the numbers out with glee as I feel significance building. Me, me, me.

Living with the interruptions now, and realizing they are life. A grandpa who broke his back who could use a crayon-drawn picture delivered to his bedside. Everywhere, people needing attention, love, time, a meal, a joke, a back rub. Finding balance in the saying yes and the “my family needs me more” times. Starting right where I am with what I have and what I can do.

Slowing pace to see the need. To speak the word or give a listen. Start right where you are and be amazed.

Happy days,


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