A level 10 public tantrum-meltdown

Welcoming parenthood humbles you in more than one way; every day, all day. 

I recall Reese’s very first level 10 “public tantrum meltdown.” I was in utter shock as I looked on, wondering to whom this little spawn of satan belonged. Her parents must be so ashamed and are probably absent all together. 

O, yeah, that kid is mine. Wups.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to get Reese to say hi or give a high five to someone of significance, and she just turns away or says no. I find myself turning red and disclosing apologetically..”she’s tired..she doesn’t like beards blah blah blah…” 

O, but how I love her so. I adore this little gift, just as much when she is throwing a major fit in front of my entire mom’s group as when she tells me how much she misses me when I’m gone. Love love love. 

These little lessons of parenting remind me much of God’s love. Christ asks for obedience, and it is my job to obey and seek righteousness..but as a sinner saved by grace, I will fall. 

How deep the Father’s love for us,
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure

It often makes little sense, but He did it because He loves us. Each and every one of us. He looks at us as we throw our tantrum and loves us just the same. 

This week, I watched my brother marry the love of his life, laughed as Reese sprinted down the aisle and preceded to dump her flower petals all in one clump right at the front…and worked a wedding yesterday (at THIS gorgeous venue.) My body hurts, but my heart is happy. Deep breath. I will take moments today to breathe deep His love for me. That it’s not what I do that demands his love, but he created me because he loves me..right from the start. Even when I was a pesky, fiery two-year old he says, yeah…that kid is mine.