Learning and loving it // some tidbits


I love listening to speakers, teachers, other moms, friends, Tedtalks, podcasts, reading..I soak it in. Why? Because people have wisdom that I don’t and I want to learn. So, here is some that I have been learning lately, take some, leave some….

Be fans of other people. Don’t be jealous of them..be a cheerleader. We are all gifted in different ways, so don’t envy their gift. It’s different than yours, so be happy with yours and happy for them. Encourage and support others, it will change your life.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be so freakin hard on yourself. If something doesn’t happen, let it go and move on, try again if you want. Remember, set high standards for yourself, but you are NOT perfect. If you fail, learn from it…pick back up and keep on a movin. Life is short.

Love the one you are with. Pick a spouse (if you want) and chose wisely. Think LONG TERM..who would be best by your side. Then, don’t look back. Love with all you have all the time. Try to out serve and out love your spouse or significant other. Take care of yourself, but when you get married..it’s not about you anymore.

On the marriage note, be a girlfriend/boyfriend to your spouse. Goof off, break the rules, live a little bit. Channel the youthful you and lighten up, your spouse will appreciate it, I promise.

Know what fills you up the most and DO IT. Don’t waste time forcing something you don’t enjoy. Whether it’s a vocation change or a hobby..DO IT. Brainstorm the times you have felt most alive and chase after that. You love to sing? Take a voice class at a local community college…hiking makes you feel complete, start training for a destination hike. Nike, people. No excuse.

Don’t engage in gossip. Do whatever you can to remove yourself from the situation or say something to stop it. It says more about you than the other person when you gossip. People don’t trust a gossip and it just isn’t classy. Stop, seal up those lips and journal to no one if you really need to get it out.

Get it out. Journal. Every morning, I plop on the front couch, open my computer and start writing. Sometimes things come out that I didn’t know I was dealing with. It’s a true reflection of your soul and helps you center and self-scan…preparing for the day with awareness and confidence.

Believe people when they compliment/ encourage you and compliment/encourage yourself. You absolutely cannot rely on others to spur you on towards your goals, although sometimes they will. When they do, take it well. When they don’t, speak good words to yourself. Repeat: I can do this. I am gifted, I am blessed. Go get em. I am beautiful, whatever you need…speak it!

Sing loud and dance crazy. You can’t be stressed or stuck up when you are doing either. Try me. Talk Dirty to Me by Jason Derulo is a fabulous place to start, in my humble opinion.

Enjoy today and always.



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