His Love Is For Them Too

I am have extreme morning-person syndrome (paired respectively with crash at 8pm no matter where I am or what I’m doing syndrome) 

On this particular crisp before 630am walk, partnered with my 95 pound puppy, I focused intently at my neighbors homes. Thinking of their morning rituals, what they have for breakfast, who they love. You may or may not be thinking I am a total creeper at this point… 

As we walked, I started praying for them. Their struggles, the places where they hurt and hide, where they find joy. After a few minutes of this, I realized I had never done this. Ever. I have never prayed for the people living right next to me, the ones who wave and give my little girl easter gifts. It comes easy to me to pray for my family, our circumstances, that our faith is being built on the solid rock. These people next to me, some lost and some needing encouragement and love; it feels daunting to even begin. Does it even change anything? 

Last weeks sermon at church has been playing over and over in my mind. Foster a life of ceaseless prayer, ever mindful that God is with you. Take little steps towards Jesus, strive to be just a little bit closer every day. While I don’t know what praying for my neighbors even looks like, I know that it’s not about me. My words have no special powers, but trusting that He knows. He created their innermost being and gosh, he loves them. He knows their heart and what makes them wake up every single morning. To pray God’s heart for them, to trust that He knows. Talking to him about his kids must be something he throughly enjoys. To remain with God in the daily steps, to not just seek Him for what is going on in my personal life. To expand my heart and mind to see the greater picture, the one that He sees. That He loves them just as much as he loves me. He died for their souls, just the same as mine. To love them because God does. 

Move a little bit closer to the Lord. For me, sometimes it’s something I don’t even understand. To trust, trust that He knows and that He is good. 

I invite you to join in, if you so desire. Pray for your neighbors, remember the forgotten and pray hard for them. 

// Below: our dog thinks he’s on a playdate