A new (sometimes uncomfortable) pace

O, July. Where did you sneak in? Your outstretched days and toasty afternoons. My daughter’s eyes curve when she smiles, identical to Drew’s expression I feel in love with 3 years ago. Lake Arrowhead with family, boat rides and ice cream cones. A shoulder displacement, demanding Drew to stay home and heal. A pinched nerve in my back, causing me to walk like I’m 90.

Recovery from injury is hard and challenges haven’t been far from us. Humbling, slowing us down almost to a stop. Playing cards after dinner and having oatmeal as a family every single late-morning. Taking time off work and normal life, simplicity is our mindset and special care of one another is first because it’s essential. Family coming around with encouragement and recliner chairs. A slow, steady pace; full of intentional love and awareness. This time is a true and rare gift, I know things will be back to speed before the month’s end; sometimes slow can be hard to process. Adjusting to this new pace involves growing pains, but I know it’s right. We move so quickly, we miss so much. Days fly by and I don’t remember doing one thing that was intentional. I’m grateful for delicious french press coffee, God providing, and my best friend getting married this weekend. She found her best friend, and I can’t help but their future as our family of three cuddles on the couch before dinner. Thankful for these people and simple days. Trusting God has our tomorrow’s and whatever happens, He is good. Pregnancy update-feeling a bit like a beached whale, so that’s that.

A few photos from my brother’s wedding a few months ago. Reese “walked” down the aisle in a full sprint and has been talking about marrying dada ever since. Photos by Jessica Lee Thomas (website here).

Cheers to being in 3 (three!!!!!) weddings during this pregnancy…thinking about taking out a loan out for alterations..

Make this Tuesday count, even if it’s in the tiniest way. I’ll be doing the same.









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