Because I can’t do it alone and neither can you

I debated having a shower for pumpkin #2. My older sister, in her ceaseless wisdom, convinced me that EACH and EVERY sweet blessing deserves to be celebrated. I’m in for any and every excuse to woke up today, let’s bake a cake! Anyone on the fence of having a second advice, party on.


I met eyes with blues, browns and greens; my heart content as crossed ankles and belly laughs surrounded me.

I could sit here forever. The virtue of the room found in vulnerable imperfection. In this room, millions of mistakes made, spouses lost, sleepless nights. We come together and WE ARE STRONG because of one another and because of our maker.

There are fears as my belly grows for D-day, but there is a village. A savior who is ever-near, seeming to draw nearer in these times of change. Fellow mommas and daughters. Friends, strangers, neighbors. husbands. siblings. I don’t always recognize it, believing lies of isolation. It’s there and it’s there for you;

Your creator, your friend, your mom, your husband. Maybe just one person, but it’s a village..lean in. contribute. enjoy.

IMG_8694                                              IMG_8651


Thanks, sister for reminding me that I’m surrounded, today and that day and every day. We are not alone. Thanks to you who are my village. Just as important, thank you to those who are a part of it for your village. Supporting, loving, cooking, crying, laughing..together. Let’s do this.

(can I get a fist pump for a $20 floral target dress I swooped up the morning of the shower?!)

XO, Jeniece