Falling in love all over again

So, no one mentioned how boys completely steal a mama’s heart. Never before did I consider myself a major sap, until a 6.5 pound dude was placed on my chest and I just couldn’t take the goodness. His ears, his eyes, o my gosh his long toes…


Chillin in big sissie’s bed


The moment I found out it was a boy and met my little man

I sometimes forget how good God is. So extrordinarily creative and big and I get all up in my little day to day that I forget to praise Him. Sometimes I am distracted with books on raising kids or preparing for the day or a million other things..necessary things; but not the most important. These 12 days of Van being here, I feel like I am breathing praise in and out. Not because I am a good christian but because I am absolutely in awe of His work in the form of soft baby skin and tiny lips forming little smiles in sleep. O, how He loves us, how good he is.

I don’t mean to paint a picture that everything is easy and good and I’m over here on my knees worshipping God all day. No, having a baby is gnarly, self-sacraficial HARD work. I truly respect anyone who does it, stay at home or working mamas and daddies. Getting out of the house alone is no small feat. Add a no-napping, full of energy 2 year old and even the thought of leaving the house gives me the sweats. IMG_20140910_160321890

But this little reminder that will be with us until forever. He grows every day  and opens his inherited squinty blue eyes and looks like a little peanut in our arms..I am reminded. What a miracle life is. While eternity is what matters most, He gives good gifts while we are here and I am in awe of his creation.

Some fun birth facts:

Hours in labor: 15

Weight: 6.5 pounds

Hair: Light brown, blonde eyebrows

Length: 19 inches Name: Van Dean. Dean after Drew’s dad who we lost too soon and Van because it’s awesome. IMG_20140913_171224904_HDR

I am so tired and coffee is keeping my eyes open somehow, but I have never been more in love with the Lord, my family and life. Don’t forget to take a moment and see it. See his goodness and his creation. Love to each of you and thank you for letting me share my journey.



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