Adventure Is Here

The very thought and actual process of breakfast brings me sweet contentment. It most often happens when the house is that quiet stillness that only comes in the morning. The sky is just becoming light. Hot coffee is brewed and I tell myself to not wipe the floors, but to just sit and listen and be. Write, read, slow down and think. Sometimes I get 2 minutes, sometimes an hour.

 Days have been full and simultaneously not so full. It’s a different busy, two sets of diapers to change, lunches to make, baths, groceries, laundry; laundry, how it multiplies so, sooo quickly. My fiery, all-girl almost preschooler was climbing on her play set with stuffed Minnie and Sophia as her playmates. “Minnie, it’s your turn to go down the slide..go backwards, Minnie. Its fun!”

A plane is overhead and here is a little secret. Every single time I see a plane and I’m not on it, a little part of me dies. I am an adventurer, I imagine that plane to be headed to the outback and the people on it and there is fire in their hearts, unexpected undertakings around the corner, ludicrous memories and stories gleaned. The plan passed and the usual daydreaming occurred, but, also…Here. Here, right here is where I want to be, not on that plane, although it holds obvious adventure. Not right now, at least. My little man is so little and I could not imagine being anywhere else. My stories to tell are being created here. I get to be the one who sits at the table with my husband, my family. While a little piece of my heart will always, always be in the back of a Land Cruiser off-roading in Kauai sludge chasing roosters, here. This is my today and there is so much adventure and beauty right here and it is well with my soul. It’s often just harder to find. Certain mornings, it’s a full on battle to find it. Decide to have patience, joy, saying yes; discipling, teaching, learning, leaning into the Lord because I can’t do any of this without him. Admitting that He makes me brave for this adventure, not my own strength. That we could be dreamers and make whimsy right here in this stage of life. Learning to love greater and deeper every single day. To make creative dinners and homemade hummus and buttery-delicious cinnamon rolls and laugh loud and long and have dance parties. Today, I say yes to our adventure and yes to freedom to live wild and free.

What does your adventure look like?

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