Van’s birth story

Little Van

O my goodness, I love you so. I want you to grow so big and strong like you are supposed to, but when you get a little longer than yesterday, I bite my quivering lip. You are becoming you and I can feel it. So much life in one month, so much joy. These days and nights when I stare at you while you sleep, they are fleeting. Let me tell you, I enjoy them so. My heart is so satisfied, I would rather be snuggling you up more than anything else in the world.


That night, it was warm and daddy was at work. I thought you were coming the night before, so I was being SO, so stubborn in calling Daddy to come home from work. Those contractions they tell you about…the ones where you KNOW it’s the real thing, yeah, those ones came on strong. I walked Redwood street while sissy slept soundly.

The white Tacoma came racing around the corner and Dad got in the zone..making sure everything was packed. Sissy picked out a gift for you and Daddy got Mamas favorite popcorn from Trader Joes. Mimi came to watch sissy and to Kaiser we went. I was 4 cm and quickly progressed to 7.5 cm without an epidural. Son, one day you will go through something like this and I hope you are as strong for your wife as your daddy was for me. The doctor told us there were no beds left, it being one of the busiest nights of the year to have a baby. Who knew?! I panicked a bit, I tried the natural birth thing last time and this time I wanted the drugs as soon as possible. I looked into your dad’s eyes for confirmation that it was going to be okay. Mimi came and I eventually got an epidural after contracting pretty much on top of the nurse in triage.

We moved to our room and Mimi and I watched the sunrise while Dad took a nap on the ridiculous excuse for a couch meant for toddler sized people. I was so excited to meet you, I could barely stand it. Ten long hours went by and my water broke. As soon as it did, I felt like you were coming soon.. 20 minutes of pushing with Dada on one side and Mimi on the other; we heard your first noises. They brought so much joy to my heart, I had a permanent smile that afternoon. Daddy came to my face and whispered that you were a boy. I cried and was absolutely shocked. I thought for sure you would be a little girl. One of the best moments of my life was that moment. Daddy cut the cord and I couldn’t stop staring at you. How perfect you were and how smooth and warm your skin felt on mine. You took several naps with me that blessed day. Even though I was tired, I couldn’t sleep much. I wanted to take in every single moment with you on your very first day of life. September 5th, your sweet little birthday. You came at 11:30am and they cleaned you up nice and we were so proud. Mimi held you after we did, then Bekah and Luke and Allison. Haley and Micah came, Amanda loved you. Lizzi brought cupcakes, GG was nervous to hold you, so little. So much love to celebrate your birthday. O, how your Papa would have loved to snuggle you tight. He would have cried, I just know it. He had happy tears in heaven and you will get to meet him one day and get feel how deeply he loves you. Your middle name is for him and it will make you strong and help you remember.




After all your checkups and tests, we got to take you home. Mama was in a wheelchair and we took a family picture. We were tired but we smiled and laughed because of you. We picked up sissy at Mimi’s and drove through McDonalds. Not like us, but Reese needed a happy meal and we decided it was the right thing to do. We watched Pocahontas with hamburgers and you felt right. Right there on the couch with us, a family of four. You complete us so well and we don’t want to take you for granted.. not one day. You are a gift straight from our creator and we are honored to have you. Welcome to the family, sweet little boy of ours..we are overjoyed and celebrate you.



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