Asking questions that don’t suck


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Shout out to all the mommas. You guys are insane, this more than one kid thing is drying my bones (and filling my heart simultaniosly) but daaang, sleep deprivation with a baby and a toddler is no jokes, my friend.

In the midst of it all, my phenomenal-teamate-hubby of mine and I are trying to ask one another good, specific questions. (trying to maximize the little time we have together) Inspired by this intriguing must-read. Totally weird concept at first, like she mentions.

Why is getting out the door harder than mile 14 in a marathon? Basics, people. Put your shoes on, thats it! I’m not even asking for the right feet…my phone beeps, my eyes hit the bright screen and scan…When did you feel loved today, Jen? What about feeling inspired? Reese, take your tutu off before we leave, did you just poop your pants?

Ha! Packing snacks deemed an inspiring event? Not exactly, but it adjusted my heart and opened my eyes wider. Just this simple text. Reinforcing that love is here, all around. That it can sustain me in these moments when my heart is tender and eyes and body, sleep deprived. That by asking this question, he opened my soul, just a bit. I fired back.

That text made me feel loved. Just by asking that question, showing me you care. What’s funny is I didn’t even send my response because a bomb or something went off in my house. You get the idea.

Glennon says it best,

We learned that if we really want to know our people, if we really care to know them – we need to ask them better questions and then really listen to their answers. We need to ask questions that carry along with them this message: “I’m not just checking the box here. I really care what you have to say and how you feel. I really want to know you.” If we don’t want throw away answers, we can’t ask throw away questions. A caring question is a key that will unlock a room inside the person you love.

Ask and listen. We all know when someone is listening to us. They lock in their eyes and expedite the conversation to honesty and a safe place to share, just by honestly listening.

My husband is the king of asking these intentional still learning. This is me: Babe, how was your…ummm…morning coffee?! Ha. I’ll get more creative, trust. But, gosh..this is easy, right? Ask a good question and then listen to the answer and unlock those hearts, people!

Off to change 2 sets of poo!



One thought on “Asking questions that don’t suck

  1. Amber smith says:

    I love this post! It is so raw and real. I will definitely make it a point to listen and ask with more intention. Thanks for making me think!

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