My word for 2015

I look forward to many parts of my day. I have this new routine of running to turn the coffee on as soon as I hear baby boy stirring. That way I can nurse him in bed while coffee smell is filling the house. Right now is another one, both kiddos resting and it’s warm early afternoon and I’m taking a rest.

I like this growing up thing. I feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. I wonder if that keeps happening as the years go. My guess is that it does; how beautiful.

I didn’t have time to write out a list of resolutions this year, which I love doing. Not that I didn’t make time. A two year old going on sixteen and a busy 4 month old can pretty much take up every single second of the day. Even when they are sleeping, I am touching their things and preparing for them to wake. Sarah Bessey, one of my most favorite rockstar bloggers..chooses a word for the year. Her phrase is “hold fast,” you can read more here. I was tempted to steal hers because it’s beautiful and easier. I decided to take a few days to think and pray about my word or phrase for the year.

It came to me as I was nursing my son and just felt like a total dirty-haired, house is a disaster-failure.


Towards myself, with others, in parenting, while listening, as I love.

I feel like I become a brand new person with each child. Isn’t it crazy how much those little stinkers can completely change you?

Instead of listening to the not good enough lies,I’m going to handle myself with gentle love. Treat myself in a way that would make my creator proud. Give loads of grace when the windows didn’t get clean again and a nap and tv sounds better than a workout, again.

Give others the benefit of the doubt, realize they must be dealt with gently..because this whole being a human thing is tough. To speak gentle words of them in their presence and absence.

To have a soft answer. (Prov 15:1) To think before I speak and listen well. Gentleness towards those I don’t even know and loads more for those I do.

Be gentle to my sweet body that has carried two babies in the past 4 years.  Those new curves are to be treated with gentle eyes and lots of love.

When hubby is trying his best and i want to nag him about something else. Lord, teach me to be gentle. These people here are fragile and so am I.

To being gentle. Join me? Whats your word?




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