Cursing and Monday



“You’re doing a good job, mama”

My heart skipped a beat and melted into a million little piles of mush. To be honest, she has hardly ever said super sweet-affirming things to me. (assuming this is normal for most 3 year olds..ammiright?!!) So this stopped me in my tracks. I was moving the wet laundry from the washer to dryer and it’s low and I’m tall so I always groan just a bit while down there, back-bending and not bending with the knees and such. And also, laundry. bleh. So thankful, but yuck and holy-shit never ending piles.ย 

Yeah, I said shit and I also gave up dessert for lent and am eating chocolate eggs right now. (debatable if it’s actually dessert..right?) Holy heavens, thank God for new beginnings and grace every morning (and every moment for that matter).

So, my three year old was being used by God because she said it. Exactly what I needed to hear and I am so beyond moved and exhilarated and thankful.

I looked in her eyes, “thanks babe..that means a lot to mama.” She went on filling tupperwear with water from the hose and I went on loading the laundry, but with an encouraged SOUL.

Sending love your way this Monday night.

You are doing a goodย great job.


Tell them. Tell them they are doing a GOOD JOB. Someone in your life needs to hear it, maybe it’s you. Tell yourself.


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