I am reading The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner and it’s changing my world. You know when you read those books that change your life and you wonder what the heck would I have done if I didnt read this?? MUST MAKE EVERYONE READ.

You can’t be everything to all people. Ha, of course you can’t..and I keep reading but I keep hearing YOU CAN”T BE EVERYTHING TO ALL PEOPLE.

Holy shi*. I try to do this. What the heck. I think I can do this so I try and I fail but I still try EVERY DAMN DAY. Okay, I need to stop cursing because I know it gets people angry. But seriously, are you doing this? Trying to be everything to everyone.

Best mom EVER with healthy snacks and cute clothes and we do preschool curriculum  at home and are on a beautifully perfected schedule and my kids are never sick . Wife who is not only sexy, but freaking flawless in every way and a chef and feminine but not too much and skinny but toned and makeup but not too much and blah. The best friend to every single person that I know and I want to be the one who helps everyone and donates and watches kids and says the right thing at the right time every single time.  O, and a clean house and devotion done and dog fed and groomed and windows clean, yeah..that too.

I try to do this. Every day. Hahah. I’m laughing at myself because in reality..no. Just no. I am lucky if I do one or two things listed above.

Breathe. Just breathe and do your best. That’s my new motto. Just do your best and don’t worry about everything and everybody else because you can’t be all things to all people. Light your favorite candle and turn on your favorite music and do your best. Also- some people might not like your jam and that’s okay, it’s not for them.

Sending love and freedom your way on this BEST day.

(Sometimes I find really cute shoes but have no where to wear them so I do a photo shoot during nap time in my kitchen and my husband finds the photos and laughs but loves me because I do things like this, lol.)