Let’s not be haters, k?

This is such a strange thing for me to blog about, because I had no idea of the complexity of this issue firsthand until just a week ago.

Last week, I dyed my hair purple pretty much on a whim and basically just for the fun of it. I didn’t really run it by anyone (I did make a Pinterest board of purple hair and my husband..who apparently “pins” …found it and asked me about it lol). So I have had purple hair since Thursday and let me tell you…people stare. Not only do they just stare, but I swear they judge through their eyeballs and assume, well I don’t even know. This is a new concept for me because being a basic blonde bitch..(lol I just love that term and want to use it, sorry) no one paid much attention and didn’t feel the need to stare or judge or worry about me.

My husband warned me about this as we walked into Sprouts last Thursday. He has (one of the things that attracted me to him) a few tattoos. They are covered unless he wears a tank top. When he does, he says he gets treated differently. People aren’t as kind and just stare and make judgments. Now, of course this is an assumption that they are judging..but you KNOW when you are being judges, ammiright? It’s something you can FEEL. He told me I might face some of that with a crazy color of hair. What?! Hair color?!

It got me thinking. I just have stupid purple hair, something I can change. Okay, it’s not stupid, it’s awesome..but you know what I mean.

I listened to a beautiful young woman speak on her battle with breast cancer. She came and spoke to our MOPS group on Friday and my life has been changed by her journey and her inspiring perspective. She talks about the time when she lost all of her hair; eyebrows, everything due to the Chemo treatments she was using to fight back. You can find her story and blog here.

As she spoke I thought about her story and how she is so full of love and life and how people probably starred and judged her and looked for too long. I wonder how she would have felt if people were to just smile instead. It made me think of people who deal with discrimination on a daily basis because of the freakin color of the skin God gave them.

I don’t need people to love my hair, thats absolutely fine. I don’t want everyone to get tattoos if they don’t want to, no problem; but gosh darn it, let’s respect one another and not just that..understand that we are all on a journey and who are we to judge another person. It’s just NOT our job. Let’s not put people in a box. Let’s not have a “normal” standard that we judge people against. Goodness, I have been on both sides of this and we just need WAY, WAY MORE LOVE.

It’s kinda funny that hair dye opened my eyes to this, a little ridiculous, but I am thankful. I hope I am a little more of accepting of others than I was yesterday.