Nuggets of wisdom and following dreams

Short and sweet is the only way it happens now days when the mornings speed in at 100 mph and the day carries on, gaining momentum and ending with a major crash/disaster…of me in bed around 8:10pm every single night crying or laughing because I’m half asleep and I just don’t know. (I will get sleep one day, ps. even if it’s at the end of my life, dammit, it’s happening). So yes, short and sweet.

Lessons throughout the day taught by me to my 3 year old. We share with people, babe. Mom, can you share your coffee with me? No. No, I can’t. Why not, we’re supposed to share!!!!

 “Mom, we have to be nice to people” (right after I yelled NOOOOOOOOO, never!!!!! to ANOTHER snack). It’s fine, I seem to have really gotten this parenting thing nailed down. I think I actually told her, “If you ask me one more time, you are never eating again.”

and so on.

Make the next best decision.

Just show up.


Think before you speak.

Be openminded.

These little nuggets swim through my brain as I attempt to live the best way with tons of love and hopefully loads of wisdom and grace.

This morning as I was showering. O wait, no. That was not this morning, that was 2 days ago that I showered..but anyways. This morning. I heard a nugget.

Now let me fill you in a bit. I have been praying specifically for 2 things.

A tender heart. I desire tenderness and tears and feeling to make me all mushy because a lot of the time I can be so hard. So, tenderness I kid you not has invaded my heart. I have not cried THIS MUCH in my entire life. It’s awesome.

What to do with my creativity. Yes. This is a prayer because I JUST DON’T KNOW. (insert crying face). I desire and love to paint and draw and I just don’t know what to do about it. It’s a part of me but I have not done anything about it because I just have no idea where to begin.

So fast forward to this morning when I got it. An ounce of wisdom in it’s “nugget” form which is far easier for me to understand.

Just start. Do ONE today. Put your pen to the paper and design just one tiny 4×6 or whatever card or a big ass canvas and just go nuts. It doesn’t have to be perfect or all you imagined. Just a little start and don’t worry about what is coming next. Trust me, Jeniece. (this is when the 1/2 billion questions and doubts creep I even talented? I DO NOT HAVE TIME!! I have nothing to draw. I’m lame. No one cares, do I even care? and so one and so forth). 

He’s right, my maker. He knows I want everything to be so perfect and I love being in control so I don’t make moves because I don’t know whats going to happen NEXT. I get scared. He is there saying.. take my hand. I know your dreams, I get you. I created you. I know you better than anyone and I know whats best. Even more, I love you and I love you more than you can even comprehend in that brain of yours that I made. You can trust me with this. It’s a big deal because it’s your heart. Your heart is unique and things are there for a reason and it’s beautiful and a big deal. Don’t ignore how I created you. GO CREATE.   I believe in you, believe in yourself.

Yes yes yes.

Sending love.



2 thoughts on “Nuggets of wisdom and following dreams

  1. Jennifer Youngs says:

    I save your blogs and read them when I have a moment. I always have so many things I want to do and create and try but have the same problem with perfection. Thank you for inspiring me to try new things, take risks, and show myself grace along the way.

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