Good Morning, Princess

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O my goodness, I wanted to tell her. Scream it loud enough for it to penetrate down to her toes and fill up her entire body until forever.

She looked the most beautiful right then. That moment when she told me that it’s hard. That accepting her body as it is has been far from her heart and mind. That her thoughts drift far and she sees the beautiful images of women with (God bless them) with those perfect bodies they seem like they are constantly being celebrated. I started waving my arms in surrender.


I know she won’t believe it because I have been there and sometimes I don’t believe it either; but maybe she will, just a little bit. Maybe we will see with new eyes that we fearfully and wonderfully and perfectly made.

We joked about having a new dimple in our butts and how the heck can that be celebrated and beautiful?!

Oh, but it is. Not because the world says but because He says. The world has a loud, booming voice and has a lot to say and never stops shouting.

Our savior calls us washed and clean and daughters of the creator King.

We are princesses, I’m pretty sure that’s what a daughter of the King is..can I get an amen?! Princess Jeniece. Sounds pretty fabulous to me.

So hear this. You with the red hair, freckles, tan skin, black hair, tiny waist, no butt, big butt, wrinkles, blonde hair, gray hair, acne, clear skin, dead hair, blue eyes, smooth skin.

You are just right. Just the way you are supposed to be.

You matter and you are beautiful and I am celebrating you today. My prayer is that you can look in that mirror and not only accept what you got but smile about it. That you can catch a glimpse of what God was thinking when he created YOU. He created you intentionally and with tenderness and love and you are HIS. He is so proud. I pray today that you can dance and sing and be free in your skin. Even if you are dancing because you will get a new body one day and it will be flawless. Dance. I dare you.

Sending love.