A letter to my daughter

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Little Roo,

I pray one day you get to experience the joy of having a little girl. There is something about your blonde curls and twirling in the living room that makes me believe in life.

You are so loving and yesterday asked to “get in on that hug?!,” while daddy and I embraced in the kitchen. You ran to us and got right in the middle. Daddy swooped you up and I told you, “You have been with us from the beginning.”

It’s true. You are so wild about life, it makes sense you wanted to join our family as soon as you possibly could.

You find pill bugs (pollie ollies) in the mud and bring them inside. You grab a bowl and give them an apple slice because they are hungry. You only like long dresses that you can dance in. You remember peoples names and their stories. You snuggle in the mornings. You are confident, brave and real. You feel everything SO deeply.
You started preschool this week and I miss you every moment. For real, how silly is that? You wanna know why? It’s because you belong. You are the perfect daughter for me and dad and brother for googer. You fit so well. It’s an honor to be your momma and I am so very proud of you.

Continue being yourself. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade, girl. Love people that are different from you. Be openminded and quick to listen, slow to speak. Hold on tight to what you believe. Laugh and cry often because life is wonderful and so hard. Most of all, get to know your creator. It will be just you can Him most of the time and that’s the good news because he loves you more than anyone. Tell Him your fears, your dreams. See Him in everything, He is there.

See the beauty. Be a light. Love each and every soul, starting with yourself.