Happy Birthday to myself.

I’m turning 26 tomorrow.

It’s raining and it’s the perfect time to reflect on this past year as a 25 year old. ( I remember, last year it seems like, thinking 25 year olds were SO old and SO boring!) umm…yeah. They’re not. Well, some of them are.

It’s pretty incredible that I can say 25 was my favorite age. Not because it was easy. Nope. Not even close to easy.

Here are my top moments from my 25th year.

Giving birth to little Reese in March. She was healthy, came pretty quick (forgetting the details as the days go..Praise God), and stinking absolutely adorable. With that comes one of my other favorite moments. The night I pee’d my bed. Yup. Pee’d in bed, straight up. When I think of challenging times this past year, my mind goes straight to this moment. Sitting in bed, zero sleep. Looking like a disastrous version of myself. 3 am. 1 week after giving birth…so everything was still..sore and a mess. The house, my body, our schedule. I sat on the bed and pee’d myself. Then I cried, and laughed. All at the same time. This is one of my top moments because it’s real and is an exact depiction of what our lives were then. Drew and I were in knee-deep stress, sleepless nights, adjusting, trying to calm a screaming baby from 7pm-3am..every single night. We laughed at ourselves A LOT during this time. I think we laughed because we were scared. This peeing the bed moment is one I will always remember. I can look back on it and see how far we’ve come. We made it. We’re on the other side now. During that time, I wanted to give up, to throw my hands up and call it a mega-loss. But we made it and we’re stronger because of it. We’re here, and that’s why I love that moment. We wouldn’t be where we are now without it. Stronger, no doubt.

My 2-day Santa Barbara getaway with Drew. My in-laws had Reese and we played hard. (by playing hard-I mean sleeping, a lot) I don’t even remember what we we’re celebrating. Being alive, maybe. We walked the city, I soaked in the enormous bathtub, listened to Ray Lamontagne and drank champagne. We giggled over appetizers and glasses of Pinot Noir, and we napped. Slept in AND napped. It was lovely. With him by my side, all is well..all is hilarious, too.

The Thursday’s. I stole this term from my old pastor and I just love it. It represents the ordinary days. When nothing particularly special is planned. When doctor’s appointments, grocery trips, and morning walks fill the to-do list. These days are often the sweetest. When life just is and we’re challenged to find the good in it. The sparkle in it, sometimes you have to get creative, but it’s there. Walks with my family, Reese doing something exciting and new (entertaining us for hours), sitting by the fireplace, Drew making TJ’s pizza’s on the barbecue…sprinting to the beach from our old house in order to catch the sunset. Beach runs, chatting with neighbors, picking out curtains, SOCO Farmer’s market. Painting. Dreaming. Impromptu dinners out. Life. It’s good. Especially on Thursday’s.

Such a wonderful year. At 26, I hope to embrace God’s love and give it away every single day. In word and deed. I hope to live whimsy and take risks.. to live adventurously. To hope and live for eternity. To be myself. To live simply. To fall in love more and more every day with my husband and with the Lord. To teach Reese how to explore and love out loud.

Hats off to you, my readers and my friends. Who have ventured with me through the twists and turns of life via The Morning Mug. Thank you for your loyalty and your love.

Now off to spend some with my husband as we celebrate this year, and my bday..just us two. Maybe making baby number two…

Just kidding!!!